Summary of Bill Gates’ address at NAIS AC 2012…

Life in the Renaissance

The session opened with a wonderful performance by the Northwest School a cappella choir. The song of peace was a wonderful way to open the 2012 NAIS Annual Conference in Seattle. The voices of the youth expressing their dream for a day when there would be no war.

This was followed by a high energy song featuring duets accompanied by the group-“Singing Soul to soul, brother to brother, that a cappella sounds good to me…” Rousing applause and a standing ovation followed. What a wonderful group of kids demonstrating the power of message wrapped in song.

During transition, a wonderful media production illustrating the tenets of the theme INNOVATION: Imagine, Invent, Inspire, Dream. I am reminded by the first part of the presentation about a wonderful book I read recently that has a lot to say about innovation. Check out Six Great Scientists by Crowther. This book chronicles the path…

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