Some of the many uses of Twitter in the classroom…

  • Classroom Community (student peer tweeting can help build or strengthen student relationships and foster course-related discussion outside class)
  • Get a Sense of the World: You can have students look at the Public Timeline of Twitter to get a sense of sociopolitical trends, etc..
  • Through Twitter you can “track” a word. This will subscribe you to any post which contains said word. A student could be interested in how a particular word is used. They can track the word, and see the varied phrases in which people use it.
  • Instant Feedback: Because Twitter is always on, and gets pushed to your cell phone if you set it up this way, it is a good way to get instant feedback
  • Follow a Professional or a Famous Person: Students can follow someone else who is on Twitter, who interests them or is related to an assignment (follow Irshad Manji, David Suzuki, Stephen Lewis, Al Gore, Bruce Mau…?)
  • Grammar: Surprisingly Twitter is actually good for teaching grammar.

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