• some great examples of blended learning in several US schools

    • moving toward a student-centric model of learning

    • KIPP Empower Academy : students rotate between individualized online-learning, and small-group stations within each classroom

    • Carpe Diem School: students rotate from online learning for concept introduction and instruction to face-to-face for reinforcement and application

    • Los Altos School District has incorporated Khan Academy into its math curriculum for all 5th- through 8th-grade students

    • With Khan Academy, teachers are able to individualize learning for each child based on real-time data

    • blended-learning environment in Los Altos schools allows for seamless targeted intervention and flexible groupings

    • Quakertown Community School District (QCS): online courses allow students to move at their own pace and complete courses based on competency rather than being tethered to the traditional semester timeline

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