• While school libraries are still filled with books, their role has changed in the digital age from a place where students can research information to a venue that facilitates active learning and serve as a gateway to information

    • We are not about "shushing"

    • We are about connecting

    • the school library has become less a static place to look up information and more of an active jumping off point for learning

    • “It’s not a container for information, it’s a gateway to information"

    • Students still need guidance. They may be digital natives with technology, but they don’t always know how to search effectively or responsibly

    • The library is a way to model appropriate behavior,

    • “It is more like a college library, a place to come together and collaborate.”

    • High ceilings and wide bank of windows are a break from the traditional classroom

    • The librarian is also a curator, reviewing databases and websites

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