• While 62% of K-12 schools ban cellphones in the classroom but allow them on campus — and 24% have banned them altogether — the benefits outweigh the risks.

    • Twenty-four percent of K-12 schools ban cell phones altogether, and 62 percent allow phones on school grounds but ban them in the classroom

    • Mobile phones can be used as a cheaper alternative to "clicker" devices

    • Students text their answer as soon as they enter the class and are able to watch the changing results displayed in a bar graph on the whiteboard.

    • PBS and the International Society for Technology in Education have a number of content-related cell phone apps.

    • Research has demonstrated that using texting to provide students and parents with regular information about classwork leads to higher assignment completion rates.

    • There are legitimate concerns about cheating, texting, sexting, and cyberbullying.

    • These are new forms of old behaviors. Banning will not be the solution.

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