• "Kids are not only able to access material but use a number of tools to construct learning in a completely different way from what they’ve seen before"

    • Tablets are changing the way students interact with teachers and with one another.

    • Teachers in digital classrooms have become "learning coaches"

    • "It better prepares students for the interactive environments they’ll encounter in their college and professional live"

    • Students can use tablets — whether from Apple or rival brands — to take notes, submit assignments and engage in group discussions with teachers or other students

    • "An iPad is a different way to deliver content. It has some advantages, and it has some disadvantages."

    • Education experts who embrace the technology acknowledge the hurdles

    • "There’s a lot of discussion about when we won’t buy textbooks anymore,"

    • "It is very early with the digital textbooks, but I do believe over the long haul we will save some money over the printed text,"

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