• Khan Academy has an immense amount of content
    • Over 3,000 videos in subjects ranging from math to biology, chemistry, even spreading into some economics and finance.
    • Recently added some content in art history
    • Offers a set of self-paced exercises that broadly cover K-12
    • Currently has “a pretty strong gauge looking at grades 3 to 9”
    • Is now focused on developing content for grades  9 to 12
    • Is excited about the impact on the individual learners outside of the classroom
    • Has an “analytics platform”, which lets students and teachers track what’s occurring on at the student level
    • Has recently started putting more effort into tools for teachers
    • Recently released a comprehensive set of teacher resources.
    • Over 10,000 schools are actively using Khan Academy in groups of 10 or more students
    • Has a new iPad app withr entire video library on it with particularly rich math content
    • One of the main features to the iPad app is that you can download content and take it offline
    • Students are thus able to brush up on things without having to rely on an Internet connection

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