• Nutana Collegiate has taken in a new mobile initiative that uses text messaging to keep students and teachers in constant contact.

    • The school provides school-owned cell phones to students from remote areas and low-income backgrounds

    • "Absenteeism is pretty high, for all kinds of reasons,"

    • 10th-grade English class piloted the program last fall with more than 20 students.

    • A survey revealed that more than half the school’s student body preferred text messaging as a primary means of communication.

    • SaskTel provided resources to the school and allowed it to purchase its choice of cell phones and data plans for students in the 10th-grade pilot, called Project Mobile.

    • The teacher began texting a daily journal topic every morning and encouraged students to think about it before they came to class.

    • "It’s been largely effective, perhaps as a result of the psychology that makes cell phones so addictive for teens in the first place."

    • "It’s like captive-audience advertising, but for the good guys in education, rather than marketing."

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