• Surprising results – studies on cellphone use during exams.

    • Series of studies and surveys shows that technology is making cheating easier

    • Constant sharing between friends – pictures, videos, and text messages – didn’t stop during class.

    • After using web-accessible smart phones to share tips and answers with friends during tests and quizzes, one in four students said they didn’t consider it cheating

    • Twenty-six percent of high school students saved information from their notes and textbooks in their phone and accessed those digital files during exams

    • Half of student respondents said their classmates did the same.

    • 35 percent of students said they had used their phones to cheat during school.

    • “Cheating has always occurred, it’s just so much easier now."

    • “The definition of cheating to the teenage generation has been so blurred, no one is quite sure what it means."

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