Does this say more about the district or the importance of social media?

  • The Los Angeles school system has hired a full-time social-media director.

  • Duties and responsibilities are far more demanding than simply overseeing the district’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  • She will be leading staff education about a new social-network-use policy

  • "The use of social media is a new and fluid situation…"

  • The district has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and is using its YouTube channel to post weekly video updates.

  • The school system’s first districtwide social-media survey will determine, among other information, how many schools have their own websites and social-media presence, and how many students and parents in the district are engaging in social media.

  • information about school lockdowns, early closings, and other student-safety issues can be relayed through its social-media accounts.

  • The scope of the position includes communicating via social media to more than 1,000 school sites, nearly a million students, and approximately 65,000 employees, plus a critical role in developing policies

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