Your old tweets are being sold…

Highlights from the article:

  • Twitter users are about to become major marketing fodder

  • DataSift announced this week that it will release Twitter data in packages that will encompass the last two years of activity for its customers to mine

  • Privacy rights experts are concerned about the implications of user information being released to businesses waiting to pore through it with a fine-tooth comb

  • "As we see Twitter grow and social media evolve, this will become a bigger and bigger issue,

  • Twitter opted not to comment

  • Those who buy the data will be able to see tweets on specific topics and even isolate those views based on geography.

  • The information collected — which involves real-time viewing — can also be used during natural disasters to help rescuers, to monitor illnesses such as a flu outbreak and to analyze stock market sentiment.

  • No private conversations or deleted tweets can be accesse

  • "The only information that we make available is what’s public,"

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