These Ohio schools are using phones and tablets to enhance learning. Here’s a peek at the article:

  • Cellphones and other electronic devices, once banished to school lockers, are becoming part of classroom lessons in some area school districts.
  • “Cellphones, smart phones, iPods, iPads are all considered a resource and are used at a teacher’s discretion.”
  • Mark Ketterer, 17, entered data on his iPad as one of his three lab partners used a probe to measure the voltage of an electronic field in a pan of water. Another student took notes on her Kindle Fire as the students shared observations. All the data was being stored in an electronic cloud through Google Doc
  • “I’m devoting more time to teaching kids how to analyze the data,”
  • Teacher Jeremy Bishko walks around the room of his seventh-grade science class holding an iPad. The information he enters into the hand-held device streams to the electronic white board.

    His back is never to the class.
  • Bishko posts a QR symbol (quick-response code) outside his door each day so students can use their smart phones to scan in the assignment.
  • Spanish teacher Ellen Roberts figured out a way to use text messaging to boost her students’ vocabulary retention.
  • “Retention went up to 31 percent greater frequency of remembering the word on the quiz”

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