Experts at the Brookings Institute and the National Science Foundation (USA) explain how social media can "improve" education. If anyone wants a copy of the Brookings report, please let me know!

Some article highlights:

  • Social media, video games, blogs and wikis are playing increasingly important roles in classrooms

  • A paper released earlier this week by the Brookings Institution addresses how social media, blogs and video games are improving education

  • An expert on the educational uses of video games said that beyond increasing student engagement, video games create valuable “data exhaust” by tracking each student’s progress.

  • "…It opens up an entire new area of formative assessment—and the mapping of formative assessments and learning analytics"

  • The data collected by video games and social media sites can be provided, sometimes in real time, to teachers who can then use it to better understand their students and tailor instruction to meet individual needs.

  • The NSF has launched a project on “big data”—a term that encompasses the gathering of extremely large amounts of data to which analytics are applied to reach new insights

  • Big data will play a much bigger role in education in the future.

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