This recent survey reveals surprisingly frequent use of games in K-8 classrooms in the US.

Here are some excerpts:

  • The survey consisted of responses from a random sample of 505 teachers of [K-8] across the US

  • 50 percent of the teachers reported using digital games in classroom instruction for at least two days a week

  • 18 percent reported using games daily

  • 57 percent of K-5 teachers reporting using games compared with 38 percent of middle school teachers.

  • 60 percent said games made it easier to personalize instruction, teach a range of learners effectively, collect meaningful data, and better assess students’ knowledge

  • The games most often corresponded with literacy (50 percent) and math (35 percent)

  • Only 18 percent of the teachers reported adapting commercial games for educational use

  • Three video case studies of teachers using games accompany the data.

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