Google has launched a website aimed at helping K-12 students become expert users of online search engines. A quote from the home page states: “With more and more of the world’s content online, it is critical that students understand how to effectively use web search to find quality sources appropriate to their task.”

Google calls this “search literacy”, and provides 15 lesson plans and a series of training videos called “Live Trainings”. The lessons are structured as three lessons targeting level of expertise (beginner, intermediate, advanced) for 5 key aspects of web searching:

  • Picking the right search terms
  • Understanding search results
  • Narrowing a search to get the best results
  • Searching for evidence for research tasks
  • Evaluating credibility of sources

The videos range from 25 minutes to two hours in length, covering topics such as “Introducing Google Maps to the Classroom”, “Power Searching: Advanced Google search for education”, “Writing Successful Queries Pt. I: Introduction to Predictive Search” and “Tools for Assessing Authority on the Web”.

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