Some good news for those insisting that iPads are effective learning tools for young students!

Key quotes from the article:

  • Officials at the first public school system to institute a 1-to-1 iPad program for kindergarten students are crediting the use of the technology with modest gains in literacy.

  • [The Maine district] seeks to bolster third grade literacy and math scores by 2015

  • “Students in the iPad classes outperformed non-iPad students, on average, across every literacy measure they were tested on.”

  • 129 of the iPad students showed improvement on the Hearing and Recording Sounds in Words (HRSIW) assessment

  • The apps, which teach and reinforce fundamental literacy concepts and skills, are engaging, interactive, and provide children with immediate feedback. What’s more, teachers can customize apps to match the instructional needs of each child, so students are able to learn successfully at their own level and pace.”

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