More thoughts on Maine’s kindergarten iPads: others will do well to plan as thoroughly…

(This ties in with my post from yesterday; please read it if you didn’t see it.)

Key quotes (with emphasis added by me):

  • The one piece of data that some folks are going to take and run with: iPads increased the kindergarteners’ literacy scores.

  • "It’s really about pedagogy and teaching,"… " ‘The iPads are "just a tool.’ "

  • The district has been working for a number of years on improving its early literacy efforts. That has involved extensive training for the teachers and staff.

  • This very much was the district pushing the iPad implementation so as to boost literacy initiatives already underway.

  • The iPad implementation in Auburn was done very carefully, with the research component built in from the start, not added as an after-thought

  • The improvements were part of a systemic effort that the Auburn School District has undertaken to boost students’ literacy.

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