Some noteable article excerpts:

  • Students want more control over how they use technology in school, but many classrooms are still making it difficult

  • 46 percent of students have used Facebook to collaborate on school projects, and one in 10 high school students have tweeted about an academic subject.

  • Half of all middle and high school students say they can’t access social media sites at school.

  • A whopping 45 percent of middle-schoolers and 55 percent of high-schoolers say that they mainly access the Internet through mobile devices.

  • 56 percent of middle-schoolers and 59 percent of high-schoolers – reported that they would like to be able to use their own devices and learning tools in the classroom, something that many parents surveyed said they would support

  • 65 percent of school principals said it was unlikely they would allow personal devices in the coming school year.

  • Nearly two-thirds of parents said they would support their children using personalized devices to learn in school

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