• This article raises some important points on how to introduce and manage social media in schools. Here are some clips:


    • A new set of social media guidelines (pdf) [has been] issued by the New York City Department of Education

    • Teachers are required to obtain a supervisor’s approval before creating a “professional social media presence,”

    • The takeaway is that online spaces are mysterious and worrisome, requiring more caution and supervision than in-person relationships.

    • Boundaries should be established by good guidelines and smart behavior, not by placing specific rules on continuously evolving technologies.

    • The [privacy settings and] rules are often in flux, making it difficult for to stay up to speed

    • It’s not enough to impose rules on how not to use social media; teachers should be required at the start of every school year to learn how to use social networks and other tools effectively in the classroom, and how to maintain privacy settings for both professional and personal accounts.

    • Nutana Collegiate, a transitional public school in central Saskatchewan, Canada, is expanding a pilot program encouraging text messaging between teachers and students.

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