• Paul Barnwell has some useful caveats for those looking to use web based tools and mobile devices in the classroom. Below are some key excerpts:

    • I’ve seen or read about too many teachers and students who have become enamored with—even addicted to—social media and cell phone applications that fail to offer true pedagogical advantage or promote critical thinking

    • Using "Poll Everywhere" turned out to be more gimmicky than useful. It increased initial engagement in the activities, but the overall benefit was marginal.

    • I don’t want students to become dependent on technology that requires too many templates, cheapens thinking, or relies on flashy graphics and movement.

    • A recent report by the Economic & Social Research Council refutes the notion that today’s youth, the "net generation," is truly tech savvy.

    • Being tech savvy should include the ability to synthesize ideas and media forms, and create something original.

    • There is tremendous power and potential in what we can teach students with sound, image, and video-based projects.

    • Until I’m convinced that cell phone and social media applications truly support deep thinking, my students will keep their devices in their pockets and backpacks.

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