• Spending too much time in front of cell phone, laptop, and handheld screens can harm their physical growth in the long run.

  • With students away from the classroom for the next three months, preventing them from being overstimulated by technology and social media every moment of every day, including Facebook and Twitter, is a must.

  • Digital screens — can cause harm to kids growing up over time.

  • When children read a book or participate in social activity with peers, the information is processed in different ways that simply watching something from a screen. Using only that source of learning may stunt their cognitive development.

  • Too much technology in the classroom and school system may also pose an issue.

  • Letting a bit of technology do all of a child’s thinking for him or her can slow down their own thinking skills little by little over time, the study reports.

  • U.S. surveys reveal teenagers in particular see screens or listen to music for over seven hours a day.

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