• Yet another moderately successful iPad pilot, with a few more interesting points to add to the knowledge base:

    • While some parents were concerned when Green Acres School in Rockville gave each of its fifth- and sixth-grade students an iPad this year, most now say that it has excited their children’s interest in school and enhanced their learning

    • “It’s not really about the iPad, it’s about building a facility with technology, and using technology to give kids the opportunity to build their skills, and the opportunity to pursue their passions,”

    • The school had about 32 computers in two labs, and the start-up time was taking away from valuable instruction time

    • E-texts replaced textbooks in most classes

    • The cost was not substantially more than what is normally spent on textbooks and technology.

    • “The content stayed the same, but the access, the efficiency and the products our students were able to create were exponentially better because of the time,”

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