• Experts agree careful use of iPads really can benefit learners with special needs. Here are some quotes from this informative article:

    • For children with autism, “the iPad is not a toy, but a tool that works best when there is a ‘team effort’ between parents and therapists encouraging its proper use,” said Marc Reisne
    • Lois Brady, a speech language pathologist and assistive technology specialist, said apps can help develop fine-motor skills, which will in turn make functions like writing and manipulating small objects easier for the students
    • “I have spent years working with the most challenging students that are considered profoundly disabled,” [teh speech pathologist] said. “And I have seen some small miracles when I introduce the iPad into our therapy, as the children have made huge gains in attention, focus, communication, language and literacy skills.”
    • Apps must be tailored specifically to a child’s age and level of development.

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