• Here’s a good example of effective, targeted use of iPads in learning. Article highlights are listed below.

    • Music teacher Adam Goldberg has successfully integrated the iPad into his class, creating an iPad band of talented musician

    • Most of Goldberg’s students are on the Autism Spectrum and often have difficulty communicating, socializing and concentrating. Yet, with an iPad in front of them, they have been able to play complex music composition

    • The iPad’s intuitive ease of use enables the students to get past the technical hurdles and steep learning curves of traditional instrument

    • Students who traditionally had issues communicating their wants or needs seemed to suddenly be unlocked by their music, expressing themselves creatively.

    • “These students are learning to work together," Posa told FoxNews.com "They are learning to share, and to cooperate, and to be like a team"

    • The students jam out using Garageband, Apple’s popular music app, along with a variety of other apps like Animoog, MIDI Touch, Thumbjam, Bloom and Trope

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