• Personalized Learning may be aided by technology, but the foundation has nothing to do with computers.

    Here are some key quotations from this article:

    • Personal Learning demands a shift in how lessons are designed, which requires certain levels of knowledge and skillsets.

    • Personalized Learning, like all other models of instruction that attempt to introduce innovation in schools, is about professional development and support

    • Teachers should be able to implement multiple paths to knowledge

    • This means having more than one resource or activity to teach a lesson and meet a goal or objective

    • Teachers should be able to differentiate instruction, find all opportunities for remediation to help struggling learners, and understand how to provide enrichment to challenge the advanced student.

    • As teachers will now have classrooms where multiple activities may be occurring at the same time, this requires a level of classroom management, data keeping, and use of a variety of assessments.

    • Those teachers who rely on lecture only may need additional resources and support

    • Schools will have to provide curriculum support and ensure that all teachers have the resources to focus on student learning.

    • It’s time to harness the power of technology to start meeting the needs of the individual during the school day.

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