• This recent report gives insightful statistics on teen social media use and perception. Here are some highlights from the article that summarizes the report:

    • Common Sense Media just published a report that paints a mostly positive picture of social media’s impact on teens’ social and emotional well-being

    • 90% of teens have used social networking and that 75% currently have a social networking profile.

    • (68%) are on Facebook, compared to 6% for Twitter and 1% for GooglePlus and MySpace.

    • (34%) visit their favorite social networking site “several times a day” and 23% are “heavy” social media users.

    • (29%) [of teens] say that social networking makes them feel “less shy” and “more outgoing

    • 20% [of teens] say it makes them feel more confident

    • (19%) [of teens] say they feel more popular and 19% also say they’re more sympathetic to others.

    • only 5%  [of teens say] that social networking makes them feel less outgoing

    • “4% feel worse about themselves, less confident, and less popular after using their social networking site

    • 3% feel shyer

    • most kids (83%) say that social networking doesn’t make much of a difference to whether or not they feel depressed or better or worse about themselves (81%).

    • (49%) of teens said that their favorite way to communicate with their friends is in person, followed by texting (33%

    • 44% of teens say that “they often or sometimes encounter sexist (44%), homophobic (43%) or racist (43%) comments online

    • Among those teens who are “less happy,” 50% report that social networking makes them more outgoing compared to 17% of the “happiest teens.”
      The report is based on an online survey of 1,030 13-to 17 year-olds conducted between February and March of this year.

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