• More post-secondary admissions are being impacted by applicants’ social media activity. This article describes the results of a recent survey. Some of the more interesting bits are quoted here:

    • Schools are discovering information about prospective students that is negatively impacting their chances of acceptance.
    • [As] more and more kids are using Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter, their online footprint spreads far and wide, with lots of results showing up in a Google search.
    • Admissions officers are looking at your complete online profile — what comes back in a Google search.
    • Twitter and YouTube aren’t private and are more difficult to control.
    • The percentage [of those surveyed] that said they found something that negatively impacted the applicant’s chances of getting admitted into the school nearly tripled. That figure went from 12% last year to 35% this year.
    • The respondents cited vulgarities in blogs, photos depicting alcohol consumption, and essay plagiarism
    • [The study] queried 350 admissions officers from the nation’s top 500 colleges and universities for this survey.
    • “You don’t have to share absolutely everything. Check your digital trail, Google yourself, see what’s out there, check your privacy settings, and limit searchability of your profile wherever possible.”

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