• Learnist is a new web tool with lots of promise for education.

    One teacher shares how she uses it and how it enriches her practice. Some quotes from her article are provided below.

    • This summer I discovered the website Learnist. It’s like a Pinterest for education

    • It allows users to collect web resources and add them to "Learnboards" to educate an audience about a particular subject

    • By using the re-add function, I even drew from the robust educational resources shared by other professionals who use Learnist.

    • I hope to start uploading my own curriculum in order to inspire and support others in the teaching communit

    • Tt enables me to represent myself as a lifelong learner to my peers and to my students.

    • Students were receptive to the Learnboards I created to teach grammar

    • I think my students found the mix of reading, examples, videos and online practice activities to be helpful.

    • Creating lessons on Learnist helped me make good use of my class time and facilitate one of my most successful writer’s workshops

    • I hope to have students make their own Learnboards as a summative assessment for our critical mass media unit

    • Learnist may seem like a simple tool, but for my students and their future, it is simply revolutionary

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