Under pressure from the Better Business Bureau, Facebook adds a feature that reveals some of the times it’s helping to track your online behaviour.

It’s good to use this in conjunction with Mozilla’s "Collusion" browser plug-in, to raise awareness among students of how their online life is carefully tracked.

Here are some slaient excerpts form the article:


  • The agreement applies to ads that are shown to Facebook users, based on what else they have browsed on the Web

  • When you log on to Facebook, you could be tempted with a dress that you didn’t quite buy; it might even nudge you to make the purchase “for your darling daughter.”

  • Now, if you hover over one of those ads with your mouse, a grey-blue icon will pop up alerting you to the fact that you’re being tracked

  • You can opt out of being tracked, one ad-serving company at a time.

  • You can also choose to hide ads from a particular brand. Facebook has always allowed users to do this; the only change is that it will henceforth nudge you with a new icon.

  • Faced with pressure to gin up profits for its public investors, Facebook has in recent months refined its aimed advertising efforts.

  • The company earned $5 billion in advertising revenue last year.

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